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Adaptable and Composable E-commerce and Geographic Information Services
Funding institution: European Commission, FP5 Information Society Technologies IST (ref. IST-2001-37724)
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A tool for monitoring and forecasting available water resources in mountain environment
Funding institution: European Commission
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES)
STREP Project (ref. SST4-CT-2004-012257)
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European Network on Geographic Information Enrichment and Reuse
Funding institution: FP6 eContent Plus
Unión Europea (ref. ECP-2006-GEO-320005)
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España Virtual

Technology to join two worlds : the geographic and Internet Service
Funding institution: Ministerio de Industria
Programa CENIT (08I353.01/1)
Subcontrato con IGN. (ref. CENIT 2008-1030)
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An European Approach to GEOSS
Funding institution: European Commission FP7-ENV-2008-1
Collaboration Project (ref. 226487).
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New generation of applications for managing environmental risk

Fire management with Spatial Data Infrastructures with geoprocessing services, ...
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Plataforma en nube para la publicación, edición y visualización de información geoespacial en un marco semántico
Funding institution: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación >br> subprograma INNPACTO 2010
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Smart UJI

Smart Campus universitat Jaume I
Funding institution: Own funding
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CITYBENCH for benchmarking European urban zones
Funding institution: ESPON
(Agreement Nº 121_PR3_10_0503)
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Advanced Human-Computer Interaction Systems Development
Funding institution: AVANZA: Subprogrma competitividad I+D+I, Ministerio de Industria (TSI-020601-2012-50 P)
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Healthy Cities

Ciudades Saludables
Funding institution: Bancaixa - Fundación Bancaixa
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Geographic information: need to know – towards a more demand-driven geospatial workforce education/training systems
Funding institution: Longlife learning programme – networks.
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Semantic pathways for Building a spatially-thinking society Funding institution: Longlife learning programme – transversal programme – A3 – Inforrmation and communication tecnologies – ICT (Grant agreement number 543451-LLP- 1-2013- 1-GR- KA3- KA3MP) Read more

Open City Data

Spanish Thematic Network of Open Data and Smart Cities
Funding institution: MINECO.
Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigación Científica y Técnica de Excelencia. Acciones de dinamización «Redes de Excelencia»
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An Earth Observation Based Rice information service
Funding institution: European Commision FP-Space 2013-1
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Sense the ENVIROnment
Funding institution: INIT proof of concept
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Educational Advancement of ICT- based spatial Literacy in Europe
Funding institution: European Commision
FP-Space 2013-1 (Grant Agreement Number 606983)
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Development of an oriented resource efficiency platform in the field of Internet of Things new technologies
Funding institution: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (RTC-2014-1577-2)
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Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics: Enabling Open Cities
Funding institution: European Commission, Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Actions,
International Training Networks (ITN), European Joint Doctorates (EJD).
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REd de Posicionamiento y Navegación en INteriores Funding institution: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (TEC2015-71426-REDT) Read more


Sense your context and react
Funding institution: Own funding, Submitted to Fundacion BBVA
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SEnviro for Smart agriculture

SEnviro for Agriculture
Funding institution: Universitat Jaume I
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EO4GEO - Toward an innovative strategy for skills development and capacity building in the space geo-information sector supporting Copernicus User Uptake
Funding institution: European Commission - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
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Fabspace 2.0

The open-innovation network for geodata-driven innovation by leveraging space data in particular, in Universities 2.0 Read more


Sensor and MObile based Mental Health Solutions Read more


Sistema Asistencial ReActivo al contexto para la ciudadania
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A network for dynamic WEarable Applications with pRivacy constraints
Funding institution: European Commission, Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Actions,
International Training Networks (ITN), European Joint Doctorates (EJD).
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