Sensor and MObile based Mental Health Solutions

SyMptOMS is a research project that marries the technical expertise of the GeoSpatial Technologies Research Lab (GEOTEC) with the knowledge in experimental psychology of the Laboratory of Psychology and Technology (LABPSITEC) to develop innovate solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, and relapse prevention of mental health disorders. Hereby, the fundamental observation and starting point is the fact that, despite its enormous potential, the use of geospatial and mobile technologies for mental health is insufficiently researched and used in practice. In SyMptOMS, we therefore investigate how the current capabilities of modern mobile phones (e.g., GPS coordinates, built-in sensors, environment and context detection) and other wearable devices (e.g., smartwatch, sports bracelets, wearable and/or embedded sensors, etc.) may be used and exploited to modernise or develop new psychological assessment and interventions. In a first phase of the project, the focus is particularly on mobile phones applied for so-called ecological momentary assessment and interventions, whereby the patient’s location and behaviour are monitored in order to deliver in-situ and real-time interventions. In a later phase, the developed solutions will be extended to include contextual information through wearables and context-aware analysis. The project was initiated end 2017 with GEOTEC’s own funding. In September 2018, an FPU scholarship was granted on the topic, and in the course of 2019, external funds were awarded from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.


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Gómez-Cambronero, Águeda; Mann, Anna-Lisa; Mira, Adriana; Doherty, Gavin; Casteleyn, Sven

Smartphone-based serious games for mental health: a scoping review Journal Article

Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2024, ISSN: 1573-7721.

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Matey-Sanz, Miguel; Casteleyn, Sven; Granell-Canut, Carlos

Dataset of inertial measurements of smartphones and smartwatches for human activity recognition Journal Article

Data in Brief, 51 , pp. 109809, 2023, ISSN: 2352-3409.

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Gómez-Cambronero, Águeda

"Horizon: Resilience": A Smartphone-based Serious Game Intervention for Depressive Symptoms PhD Thesis

Universitat Jaume I. INIT, 2023.

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Matey-Sanz, Miguel; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; González-Pérez, Alberto; Casteleyn, Sven; Granell-Canut, Carlos

Analysis and Impact of Training Set Size in Cross-Subject Human Activity Recognition Inproceedings

Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Applications, pp. 391–405, Springer, Cham, 2023, ISBN: 978-3-031-49018-7.

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González-Pérez, Alberto

Applying Mobile and Geospatial Technologies to Ecological Momentary Interventions PhD Thesis

Universitat Jaume I. INIT, 2023.

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