A network for dynamic WEarable Applications with pRivacy constraints

Short Description

The mission of A-WEAR action is to cross-disciplinarily create new architectures, open-source software and frameworks for dynamic wearable ecosystems, with distributed localization and privacy constraints. We aim at building new joint/double European doctoral programmes to train a new generation of young researchers in order to be aware of, to cope with, and to disseminate to a large audience the vulnerabilities and the corresponding solutions of the communication and positioning through wearables. The impact of A-WEAR will be to enhance the future social well-being, to contribute to an easy living, effective and enjoyable work, and to offer new solutions to the challenges of violation of privacy by communication and positioning through wearables and to the need of applying the right of the ownership to one’s data.

GEOTEC’s contribution

UJI contributes to several workpackages and leads WP3 "Social apps and crowdsensing". This WP focuses on massive wearable data collected through crowdsensing approaches for the purpose of social and consumer applications, such as eHealth and public safety. We will focus here on both approaches by building several application-specific platforms: context-aware positioning, eHealth, and collaborative infrastructure-less localization solutions. Particularly, the cloud context-aware platform will be based on the UJI’s experience in open sensor platforms for the smart city context. UJI will host 3 ESR students. Their PhD topics for our students are ESR5: Cloud Platform for context-adaptive positioning and localization on wearable devices; ESR6: Collaborative techniques for infrastructure-less Indoor Positioning Systems; ESR7: Urban Mobility Observatory: balancing usefulness and privacy.


IP: Joaquín Huerta (huerta@uji.es)
Technical contact: Joaquín Torres (jtorres@uji.es)