A tool for monitoring and forecasting available water resources in mountain environment

Short Description

The aim of the AWARE project was to provide innovative tools for monitoring and predicting of water availability and distribution in those drainage basins where snowmelt is a major component of the annual water balance, a common condition in Alpine catchments. The project developed appropriate mathematical models to represent snow-pack dynamics and snowmelt runoff. These models were expressly designed to integrate Earth Observation data and in-situ hydrological and meteorological measurements, introducing therefore a novel approach to the representation of the involved physical pro cesses in time and space.

GEOTEC’s contribution

GEOTEC led the Geoprocessing service Design and Implementation Work Package which aimed to designing and implementing “geoprocessing services -based on the recently OGC Web Processing Service specification- to help link hydrological models (snowpack and runoff modeling) across a web services infrastructure, and also ensure compliance with INSPIRE recommendations.
IP: Michael Gould (
Technical contact: Carlos Granell (