España Virtual

Technology to join two worlds : the geographic and Internet Service

Short Description

The “España Virtual” project aimed to lay the foundations of a future ecosystem of multimedia content and interactive services that meet the technology known as Web 2.0 social issues, semantic and geographic (orthophotos, satellite image, digital terrain models, 3D buildings, etc.) , a new generation of tools to interact with the 3D virtual world, which complemented the current approach of the Web with new technology.

GEOTEC’s contribution

GEOTEC led various tasks of the España Virtual project. Remarkable results were the extension of virtual globe platforms to access and visualise multimedia resources (images, vídeos, etc), and the development of web-based and mobile-based Applications to leverage the suite of OGC Sensor web Enablement specifications (e.g. SOS)


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Granell-Canut, Carlos; Díaz-Sánchez, Laura; Schade, Sven; Ostländer, Nicole; Huerta-Guijarro, Joaquín

Enhancing integrated environmental modelling by designing resource-oriented interfaces Journal Article

In: Environmental Modelling & Software, 39 , pp. 229–246, 2013, ISSN: 1364-8152, (IF: 4.538, Q1).

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