FabSpace 2.0

The open-innovation network for geodata-driven innovation by leveraging space data in particular, in Universities 2.0

Short description

The FabSpace 2.0 project aims at making universities open innovation centres for their region and improving their contribution to the socio-economic and environmental performance of societies.
To achieve these general objectives, the FabSpace 2.0 project offers to concentrate on one research area with high expected socio-economic impact: data-driven innovation, with a particular attention to Earth observation data.

In the six European regions covered by the consortium, formed by 15 partners, partner universities work together with co-located Business Incubation Centres of the European Space Agency (ESA BICs).

FabSpace 2.0 work programme topic addressed INSO-4-2015: Innovative schemes for open innovation and science 2.0 b) Academia- Business/Public/CSO knowledge co-creation Coordination and support action.

GEOTEC’s contribution

Since 2018 GEOTEC is part, with other 14 new Fabspaces selected, of the international FabSpace 2.0 network that will be launched at the beginning of 2019, and its legal status will be defined according to the results of the report on European and Non-European initiatives with which FabSpace 2.0 can create synergies. GEOTEC is the Spanish representative and contact for FabSpace 2.0 in the network.


IP: Joaquín Huerta (huerta@uji.es)
Technical contact: Estefanía Aguilar (eaguilar@uji.es)