Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics: Enabling Open Cities

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GEOTEC is one of three partners organising the Joint Doctorate “Geoinformatics: Enabling Open Cities (GEO-C)”, funded under the EU Marie Curie International Training Networks (ITN) program, European Joint Doctorates (EJD). GEO-C aims to contribute methods and tools to realise smart and open cities, in which all groups of society can participate on all levels and benefit in many ways. Complementary strands of research in GEO-C (participation, data analysis & fusion, services) will lead to an improved understanding of how to build open cities and will produce a prototypical open city toolkit. With a budget of over 3’5 million EURO, Geo-C provides 15 Phd students (5 in Spain, 5 in Portugal, 5 in Germany) the opportunity to do research and advance the state of the art in smart and open cities.

GEOTEC’s contribution

The main contribution is the Open City Toolkit (OCT), that it is envisioned as an integrated, open source software empowering citizens, providing them with analytical tools and citizen-centric services in the context of a smart city. It is incorporating the results of the various research lines within the GEO-C phd students. It is designed to keep all the resulting resources (i.e., data, processes, services, guidelines, standards, ontologies, and models) along with utilities, tools and applications that make use of these resources


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Trilles, Sergio; Granell-Canut, Carlos; Degbelo, Auriol; Bhattacharya, Devanjan

Open City Toolkit: hacia ciudades más abiertas y participativas Inproceedings

In: JIDEE 2016. Barcelona, pp. in press, 2016.


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