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Lohan, Elena Simona; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Leppäkoski, Helena; Richter, Philipp; Peng, Zhe; Huerta-Guijarro, Joaquín

Wi-Fi Crowdsourced Fingerprinting Dataset for Indoor Positioning Journal Article

Data, 2 (4), pp. 32, 2017, ISSN: 2306-5729.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: crowdsourcing, Indoor positioning, Wi-Fi fingerprint


Granell-Canut, Carlos; Ostermann, Frank O

Beyond data collection: Objectives and methods of research using VGI and geo-social media for disaster management Journal Article

Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, pp. in press, 2016, ISSN: 0198-9715, (IF: 2.659 - 23/105 (Q1) Environmental Studies 2.659 - 13/79 (Q1) Geography ).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: crowdsourcing, data analysis methods, Disaster management, Geo-social media, RyC-Granell, Systematic mapping, VGI


García-Martí, Irene; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Rodríguez-Pupo, Luis Enrique

A comparative study on VGI and professional noise data Inproceedings

Huerta-Guijarro, Joaquín; Schade, Sven; Granell-Canut., Carlos (Ed.): Connecting a Digital Europe through Location and Place. Proceedings of the AGILE'2014 International Conference on Geographic Information Science., AGILE Digital Editions, 2014, ISBN: 978-90-816960-4-3.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Citizen Science, crowdsourcing, environmental monitoring, Geographic Information, noise pollution, Smart Cities, VGI

Sanchis-Huertas, Ana; Díaz-Sánchez, Laura; Gould, Michael; Huerta-Guijarro, Joaquín

Crowd Sourced Public Participation of City Building Book Chapter

Lee, Danbi J; Dias, Eduardo; Scholten, Henk J (Ed.): Geodesign by Integrating Design and Geospatial Sciences, Chapter 17, pp. 271-283, Springer, Cham, 2014, ISBN: 978-3-319-08298-1.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: citizen participation, crowdsourcing, VGI


Castellote, Jesús; Huerta-Guijarro, Joaquín; Pescador, Javier; Brown, Michael

Towns Conquer: A Gamified application to collect geographical names (vernacular names/toponyms). Inproceedings

Agile 2013: 16th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Geographic Information Science at the Heart of Europe. Leuven, 14-17 May 2013, 2013.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Citizen Science, CIUDADES-SALUDABLES, crowdsourcing, Gamification, mobile gis, VGI


Díaz-Sánchez, Laura; Granell-Canut, Carlos; Huerta-Guijarro, Joaquín; Gould, Michael

Web 2.0 Broker: A standards-based service for spatio-temporal search of crowd-sourced information Journal Article

Applied Geography, 35 (1-2), pp. 448-459, 2012, ISSN: 0143-6228.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: crowdsourcing, EUROGEOSS, GEOCLOUD, Open Search, Standards, Web 2.0, web services